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Terms of Business

Terms of Business

1        Introduction

2    Role of Hunt4finance as your Broker

3     Our Fees

4     Your Commitments

5     Data Protection

6    Termination

7     General

8     Complaints procedure

9      Data Protection Policy

1. Introduction

David Hunt

David worked for a high street bank for over 40 years across a number of locations in the West Midlands, Worcestershire and Gloucestershire. He worked extensively with business in all sectors, helping the business owners and managers to achieve their growth and profitability aspirations.

As a front line Commercial Relationship Manager he has first hand experience of structuring a wide range of financial solutions for start ups to long established companies with multi-million pound turnovers. David has many contacts in the professional and financial markets and recognises the need for efficient and quality service at competitive rates.

David is an Associate of the Chartered Institute of Bankers.

David Hunt T/A Hunt4finance is an independent Credit Broker acting as an intermediary between Banks, Lenders and the client, it is not a lender itself.

2. The role of Hunt4finance as your Broker

2.1 David Hunt T/A Hunt4finance is an independent Credit Broker acting as an intermediary between Banks, Lenders and the client, it is not a lender itself.

Hunt4Finance specialises in sourcing the most suitable and cost effective finance solution from a wide range of banks and lenders. Hunt4Finance has built up a wide network of reliable and competitive lenders.

2.2 In acting as your Broker Hunt4finance provides advice on sourcing a financial solution for your needs. This will include liaising with your existing Bank/Lender and/or introductions to alternative Banks/Lenders to obtain the most suitable financial package to meet your requirements.

2.3 Any decision taken by you to enter into a Credit agreement as a result of my service is undertaken at your own risk either in your personal name(s) or the name of the company for which you act.

3. The Fees for our work and when they are payable

3.1 Commission and Fee Structure

  • NO up front fees
  • DO NOT receive any commission or fee if an offer of finance not obtained
  • Only receive commission and / or fee upon drawdown of the finance

3.2 Commission and Fee received through the following sources :

(a) Directly from the Finance provider. This will be a proportion of the fee received from you by the bank or lender under the terms of their offer as agreed by Hunt4finance with such bank or lender.

(b) If the bank or lender does not pay directly then the bank or lender will reduce their fee payable by you by an agreed amount. Hunt4finance will then invoice you for the amount equivalent to the reduction.

(c) If the bank or lender has a “ No Fee “ OR “ No Broker Fee “ policy then Hunt4finance will invoice you for a fee equivalent to 0.75% to 1.25% of the Finance amount provided by the Lender.

3.3 Where you engage Hunt4finance to provide the service to source finance for an existing or new business venture, resulting in a bank or lender introduced by Hunt4finance issuing a facility letter or agreement in principle, then you agree that you will not use that information to approach any other brokers, banks or lenders. Where you do any act that is contrary to this clause, you agree to make a payment of 0.50% of any indebtedness entered into by you to Hunt4finance as payment for the service.

4. Your Commitments

4.1 You agree to disclose when requested all information reasonably required by any bank or lender and Hunt4finance to assess your eligibility for a financial product.

4.2 During the period for which Hunt4finance acts as your broker in respect of the service you agree that you will not instruct any other broker or individual to act for you in this capacity. In the event that you do use another broker, bank or lender for the same service as provided by Hunt4finance then you will make the appropriate payment as set out above in clause 3.3

4.3 In engaging Hunt4finance to provide the service you warrant that you have full authority to engage Hunt4finance to provide the service and have the authority to subsequently accept and take up any offer of finance from the introduced bank or lender.

4.4 You agree that as part of the banks or lenders underwriting process you will provide the details of your accountant or other financial advisor to Hunt4finance.

4.5 Where a request has been made by Hunt4finance, in accordance with clause 4.4 you further agree to authorise Hunt4finance to contact your accountant or other financial advisor directly to supply and verify current up-to-date financial details.

5.Data Protection

Please see separate page here for full details of our Privacy & Data Protection Policy

6. Termination

6.1 Hunt4finance reserves the right to refuse to conduct business with you at it`s sole discretion and may terminate these terms by providing written notice to you whereupon the service shall be terminated forthwith.

6.2 The termination of the service in accordance with 6.1 or however so arising, shall be without prejudice to any rights accrued by Hunt4finance prior to termination or to the completion of any transactions already initiated. For the avoidance of doubt the termination of the service and these terms shall not prejudice any payment under clause 3.

7. General

7.1 By taking finance through your existing bank or lender or through an alternative bank or lender, as a result of the service, you accept that the debt is suitable for your needs. You accept that Hunt4finance does not accept any liability in contract, tort ( including negligence or breach of statutory duty ) or otherwise for any loss ( whether direct or indirect ) of profits , goodwill or business opportunity or for any indirect, special or consequential loss as a result of providing the service.

7.2 All of the sums due or payable by you under these terms for the service which are not paid on the due date shall bear interest from day to day at the annual rate of 4% over the current rate of the Bank of England.

7.3 Banks and lenders may ask for additional information and actions from you before they are in a position to formally offer facilities.

These may include : ( not an exhaustive list but intended as a guide )

(a) Property valuations  (b) Legal fees  (c) Independent  Legal advice  (d) Specialist reports

Should the finance/lending not proceed, whether at the behest of the bank or lender or yourself Hunt4finance will not be liable for these or any other consequential costs however incurred.

7.4 Where there are two or more of you, your obligations under these Terms of Business shall apply to all of you jointly and to each of you separately.

7.5 These terms and conditions are governed and will be interpreted in accordance with English Law

8. Complaints

Should the situation arise in which you wish to complain about the service provided by Hunt4finance the following procedure is available with the objective of resolving any such complaint to your satisfaction.

8.1 In the first instance please contact David Hunt @ Hunt4finance by telephone or in writing (via the contact details provided) with details of the complaint.

A response will be forthcoming within 28 days of receipt of the complaint details, which hopefully will prove satisfactory.

8.2 If you are not happy with the response you can escalate by contacting the Financial Ombudsman Service by telephone, email, or by post.

Financial Ombudsman Service, Exchange Tower, London E14 9SR

Tel Nos. : 0300 123 9 123 or 0800 023 4567

e.mail :