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Invoice Discounting

If you want to continue collecting payment from your customers so you keep your current relationship with them, but would like funding support, Invoice Discounting is for you. With Invoice Discounting, you continue to collect your own payments, but we can arrange for you to be funded up to 90% against outstanding invoices. Particular industries have particular Invoice Finance needs, so this service can be tailored to support the individual needs of your business.


Factoring is one of the two main types of Invoice Finance. It allows you to access the money you’re owed, via a flexible funding and collections service which releases up to 85% of the cash tied up in outstanding invoices.

Hunt4Finance can arrange for credit control and sales ledger management as part of our Factoring services. By chasing invoices and collecting payments, we can free up your time so you can concentrate on running your business.

Bad Debt Protection

Bad debt protection is a useful addition to our range of Invoice Finance products, offering you peace of mind from the risk of customer insolvency or inability to pay.

Construction Finance

If you operate in the construction industry, we offer a flexible funding and collections solution that’s uniquely tailored to this sector.